Label Design:

A good label design will not only help promote a product, but will also help keep the cost of the total printing process to a minimum. A label designed without the unique characteristics of the Flexo printing process in mind, will cost valuable time and money during the printing process.
FTS offers cost efficient label design services. Our years of experience in the Flexo industry provides us to offer designs that not only will look good coming off the press, but will also be a good fit for a customers budget.
We also help our customers with offering ideas and concerns of a label design. If requested, we will work with the label designer ourselves on behalf of our customer to offer our expertise in any needed way and to help avoid any stresses later on in the process.


FTS offers a full range of proofing options from simple black and white laser proofs, matchprints and pdf soft proofs. We also have a available to us, outside proofing services if needed to satisfy a customers need.
We are excited to offer a new proofing service to our customers, called simulated die-cut proofing. This is a color inkjet solvent proof, outputted using color profiles onto a pressure sensitive substrate with a peel away backing. These proofs have a simulated diecut that is derived from the actual file provided by a customers die manufacturer, resulting in a pressure sensitive proof with an accurate diecut applied. These proofs are great for our customers to use for many uses, from trade show product mock ups to quick design ideas.
Another great use is for very short, limited label runs, when it would not be cost efficient to be ran on a press.

Film & Analog Plating:

While many of our larger competitors no longer offer this service, FTS still sees the need to offer a cost conscience film based workflow to fulfill many of our existing and new customers needs.
Using a Scitex based workflow, film output is limited to a maximum size of 28.5” x 21.5”.
The FTS plating department uses Dupont Cryrel plate material. Plating options include a .067” capped EXL plate as our standard plate, along with a .067” non-capped NOW plate for uv printing. We also offer a .125” TDR plate for corrugated printing and other print methods.
As an included service, we archive all film for an unlimited amount of time on our premises, for plate remakes and alterations at no additional cost.

Digital Plating:

The future is now concerning digital plating and FTS is not being left behind.
We offer a Esko based digital workflow, that guarantees a quality dot reproduction even in 1% highlights. FTS uses a Dupont DPL plate, with a maximum size of 25” x 30”.
Prices are highly competitive with no additional charges applied for file acceptance that many larger companies will apply, while claiming to offer lower costing plates. We keep secured archives of ripped files, at no additional cost to our customers with no date limit applied.
Full press profiling services are available also at a reasonable cost.

Need banners, digital printing, or stickers? How about a simulated diecut proof or a unique high quality solution to a small quantity press run?

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